Best products that moms love in our kits!

 11 products that moms love in our kits and we are proud that we have them! Not sponsored, posted in mixed order.

NUK Bath Thermometer

The NUK Bath Thermometer ensures safe bath-time fun. It is filled with a natural and completely harmless measuring fluid that is based on canola oil. Once you have seen if the water is the right temperature for your baby on the easy-to-read temperature scale, bath-time can begin. The handy bath thermometer is Made in Germany from shatterproof plastic that retains its shape. Cheerful water world motifs make for extra fun in the bath! Available in three colors.

100% thick cotton bath towel with a cap + washer

The towel and washer are very soft and extremely delicate even for the sensitive skin of a baby - they are completely safe from the first days of life. They are made of the highest quality 100% thick cotton - the safety of the fabric has been confirmed by the Oeko-Tex Standard certificate. The covers were made entirely in Poland. The fabric from which the towels were made has large, loose eyelets so that the covers are extremely absorbent and provide quick drying of the baby's skin. The covers have a soft cap that wraps the baby's head after bathing, providing 100% protection against cold.  Size 100x100cm. The washer is easy to use when placing it like a glove on the wrist.

Lorita playsuit

Lorita based in Lithuania manufacturing baby clothes from only certified high-quality fabrics and fibers made of organic cotton, ordinary cotton, wool, merino wool, linen, bamboo. This playsuit is very soft inside and extremely delicate even for the sensitive skin of a baby - completely safe from the first days of life. Made of the highest quality warm terrycloth cotton. It has foldable sleeves and legs which is especially comfortable for babies. Available in two colors.

100% Merino wool high socks

The best Merino wool baby high socks - we're pretty sure we've found them! Perfectly knitted in soft wool, they are healthy and breathable and they don't slide down the legs. These Merino wool socks are designed just for your baby.

Merino wool is super soft against the skin and unlike traditional wool, it doesn't irritate or itch the skin.  Merino is also hypoallergenic meaning it's great for babies with eczema and allergies. It breathes, and removes any moisture away from your baby's skin, releasing it into the atmosphere. Synthetic fibers do not have this ability, and trap moisture next to baby's skin, creating a chill zone.  Merino naturally regulates body temperature.

100% Cotton kimono type bodysuits

Allmoust all bodysuits in our kits are kimono type, because most mom recognizes the kimono bodies as the most comfortable for their baby in the first months of life. Kimono style is a great option for newborns as you avoid pulling garments over baby's headEasy to fasten with snap domes on the inside and outside as well as the crotch and outside leg. Made from 100%  soft cotton which is free from no printing and dyeing to wear on delicate newborn baby skin. A perfect bodysuit for newborn babies! 

100% Cotton High Waist Pants 

We have found the best pants for your baby! High waist pants feature a tall waistband and cuffs which will keep baby extra warm when temperature cool down or his/her top rides up. The waist can be worn high to layer under shirts for added warmth. The cuffs can be worn tucked into boots so that baby's ankles are kept protected. Keep your precious little babies tummy and back nice and warm with these high cut newborn pants. In fact, you're definitely going to want more than just one pair. Don't let narrow elastic waistbands cut into baby's precious belly. These soft wide banded elastic, high cut pants are made to fit gently across your babies soft skin. - Soft, breathable cotton for your baby's sensitive skin. Perfect for your little baby to wear.

NUK Ultra Dry Comfort Breast Pads

The NUK Ultra Dry Comfort Breast Pads were developed to meet the highest demands. The multi-layer lining with its long-term moisture retention makes them extremely absorbent.  Their breathable outer layer allows air to circulate, reducing the chances of skin irritations.  The increased diameter of the body-contoured pad fits the breast perfectly and is hardly visible under clothing. With a super-soft inner fabric, the breast pads are kind to the skin and do not stick to the breast. The NUK Fixing Strips keep the pads in place. Particularly hygienic as they are individually packed. This is very handy for when you are out and about. The breast pads come in a practical box of 24 which can be reclosed.

 100% NATURAL BAMBOO nappies

Thanks to the use of a special bamboo fabric, these nappies have unique properties - they are antiallergic, do not attract dust and mites and reduce unpleasant odors. In addition, bamboo fibers contain a natural "bamboo kun" substance, which has antibacterial and antifungal properties. Bamboo nappies are products of the highest quality and ensure maximum comfort and safety of your child from the first days of life - they are extremely soft and delicate, even for the sensitive skin of a baby. The diaper has a dimension of 90x90 cm - making it ideally suited to the role of a thin blanket, towel or you can wrapp in your baby like in a swaddle blanket.

NUK Classic Bottle 150ml, First Choice+ Anti-colic silicone teat 0-6m, Medium hole

Classic Bottles are handy thanks to the slim design which ensures a secure hold and serves for space-saving storing. Another plus: They fit in all commercially available baby bottle warmers. The NUK First Choice+ Teat enables relaxing and natural drinking just like breastfeeding. The teat is highly accepted by babies and is particularly suitable for babies who are both, bottle and breastfeed. This has even been clinically proven. ( Clinically proven: Moral et al. BMC Pediatrics 2010, 10:6. For more information go to special NUK Shape is modeled on a mother´s nipple as she breastfeeds. It leaves your baby´s tongue and jaw enough room for natural sucking movements. With its new soft zone, the silicone baglet is a better fit against the roof of your baby´s mouth – giving a natural feeling while drinking. The improved Anti-Colic Air System creates a natural flow so that your baby can drink in a relaxed way without swallowing air. The extra-wide bottle of the NUK First Choice Bottles makes them easy to fill and clean. Perfect for on-the-go: The NUK Soother Cover keeps the soother clean so that it is ready for using all of the time. BPA free. Available in three colors.

Baby underpads Bella Baby Happy

These are really, really good! Baby underpads have a waterproof insulating backing, it prevents liquid soaking through it. The filling quickly absorbs liquids, retains moisture inside the underpad, and neutralizes odors. Bella Baby Happy underpads have print with attractive fish motives and have a soft, smooth external layer, they are the best protection from getting dirty while changing a diaper. Baby disposable underpads come in handy as bedding protection on your baby’s bed while you are tending to your baby after the bath and you'll appreciate them on a walk or trip. Also if the pad doesn't get dirty, you can store it and use again. Comes in size 90x60cm, 5pcs in pack.

Baby manicure set

It's not easy to cut baby nails, so try all 3 and find the best for you! Scissors and clippers help cut baby's nails safely and reliably, but the delicate nail file will help smooth the nails and thus prevent scratching. Scissors rounded shapes designed specially for the baby's tiny, delicate nails. 
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