The #1 set for newborn


baby hair comb
baby girl bodysuit
baby clothes
baby onessie black color


LINA: I am even more than pleased with the purchase - currently at home raising a year-old boy, so to buy all the necessary stuff for the newborn, running around the shops, is very complicated. I am very pleased that Mammybox offers a ready-made solution that will be useful not only for the first month of the child's life. Thanks to you, we continue to wait for our little bee without excitement and unnecessary minutes in the shops - because the happy mom is a happy kid in the womb and even more lucky brother. Thank you! ;) The delivery was surprisingly fast and the courier was very kind. KATYA: Thank you to MammyBox for saved time, I've been looking in the shops for baby clothes without unnecessary decors, in pleasant colors. Especially pleased that the clothes are easy to put on and comfortable for the baby (the belts do not push the small belly).
KRISTIN: We want to thank you very much, that you made something like this because we didn't have to go through the shops and look for these important things that raised a lot of questions about what and how much I need. The product is very beautifully packed. Thank you for being part of our event.

SOLVITA: Thank you for creating such a set. It saved a lot of my time, which I will better spend in lessons, lectures, and exercises, rather than looking for simple, colorful baby clothes in stores. I had already looked through shop offers and have to say that for a reasonable price simple outfit is quite hard to find. Basically in stores are colorful clothes with bunny, bear and other animal prints. In general, the cost of the case box seems to be high at first glance, but when everything costs the purchase of a thing and its time, energy consumption and other costs (fuel, parking space, etc) put together, everything is pretty smooth. And in my case, I am the winner because I really did not want in baby's wardrobe bunnies, cats and glitter theme 

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